Prayer Journals

2023 Pray It Forward Prayer Journals

In my journey with Jesus, two things have profoundly changed me: time in God’s Word and time in prayer. If you’re churched at all, you’ve likely heard others say similar things. And yet if we’re honest, sadly far too many Christians find both to be more about requirements and rote routine than relationship. As a result, we quickly become distracted and discouraged, and likely even dissatisfied by our time with God. I know this because I was that Christian for many years, and I hated the shame and guilt I felt because I wanted to be a good Christian, and I just couldn’t get prayer right. It wasn’t until I had a desperation for the heart of God more than the hand of God that my prayer life began to change... that I began to see prayer first and most importantly as time spent with the One I love most and the One who most loves me.

I’d like to tell you there’s some magic formula for prayer. But, while there’s not a secret sauce, there are two things I’ve learned about prayer that have helped immensely: If you’re not intentional about it, it won’t get done. And, if you’re not purposeful about it, it might get done, but it won’t get done well... it won’t fill you, and it certainly won’t change you. Quite simply: If you don’t invest in your relationship with God, you’ll never know how much He loves you and your love for Him won’t grow.

This weekly prayer journal is your investment tool, and it comes with an IMMEASURABLY MORE guarantee: “Now to Him...” Ephesians 3:20 tells us. The prayer that has power to fill us and to change us is the one offered to Him.

Amen. Let it be so.

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