World Changers

Post date: Jul 25, 2011 2:46:22 AM

Our church spent last week serving with World Changers - and I mean "serving" literally. Check out World Changers here:

World Changers spread the love of Jesus Christ by blessing 20 homes in East Waco with much needed help - anything from new roofs to handicap ramps.

While we did not swing a hammer, we did serve meals to a crew of workers all week. Our family of father gathered at the church to prepare meals and gladly served them to a hard working crew.

Simple acts of service are not so simple. They are a huge aspect of the Gospel.

On the last night Jesus spent with his disciples - he did not give them a long discourse or list of instructions. Rather, he broke bread with them and washed their feet. Simple acts of service are not so simple.


Pastor Jeff Gravens