Weekly Blessing

Post date: Jan 24, 2011 3:13:44 AM

Each week I end our church service with a blessing. I receive a great deal of positive feedback from this very small portion of our service. Thus, I want to give the blessing more life. Each Monday (hopefully) I will post the blessing for the week, plus add a few more thoughts. I hope you check it out each week.

Here is this week's blessing taken from Micah 6:8

"May you act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God."

This blessing, taken from the words of the prophet Micah, is threefold:

May you act justly. As the people of God we are covenant partners with God. Thus, we are bound to act accordingly. "Justice" describes right social relationships in the view of God and his covenant. These social relationships can be found in Exodus 20-23 (for example). These behavioral patterns include protection for foreigners, the poor, slaves, orphans, and widows, who could be easily be wronged or taken advantage of by others.

May you love mercy. Mercy is closely related to justice but takes justice to a Godly extreme. Justice is brought about by upholding what it "right". Yet, mercy is freely and willingly showing kindness to others. We as sinners deserve punishment according to our actions, but God freely and willingly show us kindness. Mercy is not fair or right, but what God expects of his covenant partners.

May you walk humbly with your God. As the people of God we are to live in conscious fellowship with God. When you are in fellowship with God there is no room for pride or arrogance. As we walk with God we see God for who He is and we see ourselves for who we truly are. Walking with God makes one humble.


Pastor Jeff Gravens