Sing to the LORD

Post date: Mar 15, 2011 6:24:30 PM

Weekly blessing from Psalm 13:5-6,

"May you trust in God's unfailing love and rejoice in your salvation. May you sing to the LORD for He has been good to you."

We looked at this passage in a post last week. It makes a great blessing.

We all have reasons to be stressed, frustrated, and tired. We all have reasons to gripe, whine, and complain.

......... but not really.

We have reason to be bound by stress and griping when we have a self-centered perspective. Whenever we take a step back and look from a God-centered perspective, we realize how blessed we are. If you have given your life over to Christ, you have reason each and every day to rejoice in your salvation. Your lungs should be filled with a song to the LORD.

He has been good to you. Do you realize it?

Here is a short list of ways in which God has been good to YOU:

1. He gave you life.

2. He loves you (even with knowing every thought that runs through your mind).

3. He picks you up when you fall down.

4. He forgives (and forgives and forgives).

5. He is patient (when the world is not).

... take a few minutes and come up with another five reasons.

Sing away,

Pastor Jeff Gravens