Tracking Storms

Post date: Mar 22, 2010 8:58:57 PM

I like to read Mark 4:35-41 from time to time. I really enjoy reading it on difficult days. I'm sure you know the story. It's the one where Jesus and the disciples are in a boat when a storm hits. The disciples are panicked and fear death is near. Yet, they find Jesus asleep on a cushion.

The story would be humorous but it hits too close to home. How many times have I been panicked, frazzled, in fear of death while never attempting to consult Jesus?

The disciples eventually awaken Jesus. They stand amazed as He rebukes the wind and the waves. I'm sure they stood dumbfounded as they looked across the calm sea.

When storms hit, please put down the bucket. Please stop attempting to bail water out of the boat. Instead, seek Jesus who has the ability to calm storms. He has the ability to calm the storms of life and the storms raging inside our hearts.