Stirring Words (Part Two)

Post date: May 15, 2013 6:44:34 PM

(Continuation of previous post)

Here is the conclusion to the story preached by George W. Truett:

The day passed and the people gathered for the evening service. The preacher stood up to preach, and there before him came the old lady just described, and with her came a white-haired old man. At the close of the sermon, the preacher asked those who desired to be Christians to come to the front pews for counsel and prayer, while the people sang. The old man was on his feet immediately, and was coming toward the front. He was talked with and prayed for that night but all seemed utter darkness to him. Over there, to the right and the left, sat the aged wife and the middle-aged blacksmith with faces shining like the morning. They had a secret the rest of us did not have. They had pleaded and were claiming the promise of Jesus, and their hearts knew all was well.

The night service was ended, and the people went their ways. The old man shambled out into the darkness of the night, his soul darker even than the night. The next morning came, and the people were gathering for the service. The preacher was alone in the study, behind the pulpit trying to make ready for the service. There was a knock on the outer door of the study. The door was opened, and there stood the old man. And then he began: “Sir, I can’t wait for your sermon this morning. Tell me now, if you know, how I can be saved.” And there in that study, before the service, he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior, and at the morning service, an hour later, he gave his testimony for Christ, the sweetness and glory of which will outlast the stars.

What is there remarkable about this? Nothing at all, when you remember that two friends of Jesus, honestly and actually pleaded and claimed the promise of Jesus.

Thank God for the gift of prayer!


Pastor Jeff Gravens