More on God-Given Dreams

Post date: Jun 3, 2010 7:38:06 PM

(see previous post for background)

God-given dreams provide fulfillment.

It took me a while to notice the difference between a dream and a God-given dream. In fact, I had to learn it the hard way. When my dreams of throwing a major league fastball were dashed I moved on to dreaming about a career in business. I went through my college career as a business major. In the middle of my college career I tried my hand in politics. I spent one summer as a congressional intern. A business degree and a job working for a congressman looked really nice on my résumé, but it all left me unfulfilled. I spent my last summer of college interning for a company that agreed to hire me if the internship went well. It went well, but it left me unfulfilled. When I graduated from college, a moment meant for celebration, I was filled with gloom. I was filled with gloom because that very next week I would continue with a job that drained me, a job that robbed me of life. It was at my lowest point that I began to consider dreams. I began to ask, “God what is your will for me? What is your dream for me?” When I put my dreams aside and began pursuing God-given dreams my world was turned up side down. Believe me that was a good thing. God-given dreams provide fulfillment.