God-Given Dreams

Post date: May 27, 2010 4:45:38 AM

Joseph was a dreamer.

Genesis 37:5-11 lists a few of these dreams. Each dream depicts Joseph in a place of authority. Joseph was a dreamer and did not realize that those around him could not handle his dreams. Joseph shared his dreams with his father and his father was indifferent. Joseph shared these dreams with his brothers and they grew furious.

In fact, Joseph’s brother grew so furious that they beat him up and threw him into a pit. I guess you could say Joseph had to take a pit stop on they way to his dreams. Well, throwing their brother into a pit was not enough. This group realized they could make some money off of their brother’s misfortune. They sold him into slavery.

At this point it seemed as if Joseph was a long way off from his dreams. At this point in the story you might fault Joseph for being a dreamer. You might say that he walked around with his head in the clouds and now it has brought upon him destruction. Well, it gets worse. As a slave Joseph, ended up working in Potiphar’s house where he was falsely accused of sexual misconduct with Potiphar’s wife. He was thrown into prison and suffered there for years. Joseph was alone in a prison cell. Well, I guess he was not completely alone because he still carried along those dreams. Joseph was still a dreamer.

To make the long book of Genesis a bit shorter, by the end of the Joseph story he has been raised from the prison cell and placed in second in command of all of Egypt. Through all the adversity, his dreams come true. He saves Egypt from a famine and he provides food for his so-called brothers who once abandoned him. Joseph was a dreamer indeed.

When I was growing up I dreamed of becoming a baseball player. I would put on my Texas Rangers hat and attempt to emulate the wind up of Nolan Ryan. I dreamed of what my baseball cards would look like. I dreamed of presenting them to my mother and having her beam with joy. Yet, reality eventually set in. I never threw a single pitch in high school game or a little league game for that matter. I played high school baseball but I played right field and I was slightly above mediocre at best.

What made Joseph’s dream better than mine? How come Joseph’s dream came true and mine never saw the light of day?

Joseph was a dreamer, but Joseph pursued a God-given dream.

You can’t go wrong pursuing a God-given dream.

(more on God-given dreams to come...)