Glimpse of the Church

Post date: Apr 15, 2010 4:06:52 PM

Yesterday I caught a glimpse of the church.

No. Not a building. Or even a service for that matter.

I was eating lunch when I was notified that a church member had been taken to the emergency room. I hopped in my truck and headed to the hospital. I entered the E.R. and began to look for the correct room. It was not difficult to find because the room was filled with family. As I visited with family, numerous church members showed up to show concern and support. The room was filled to the point that the hospital staff came by to alert us that we had exceeded the visitor limit!

Yet, it doesn't stop there. As the group complied with the hospital rules, we were notified that a member of the Crawford community was in an E.R. room just two doors over. It was a blessing to see this group file into yet another room and share the love and concern of Christ.

I returned to the church late in the afternoon to make final preparations to teach my Wednesday night Bible study. As I sat in my office my phone rang over and over with calls from church members making sure I knew we had community members in need of support. I was filled with a great joy. It is a blessing to know that I serve a church who puts the words of the Bible into practice. I witnessed it first hand yesterday.

Thank you First Baptist for the pleasure of being your pastor.