Daily Grind

Post date: Feb 6, 2011 11:10:39 PM

This week's blessing is taken from Luke 9:23,

"May you deny yourself, take up your cross daily, and follow Jesus Christ."

This blessing is three-fold:

May you deny yourself. This is not easy. It involves putting aside self-interest and self-fulfillment. There is no room for pride or arrogance in the Christian life. We align ourself with Christ through humbly putting our agenda aside.

May you take up your cross daily. Some people are unwilling to deny self. An even greater number of people are unwilling to take up a cross. Our modern day image of the cross is hindered by crosses covered in gold and worn as jewelry. When Jesus spoke these words from Luke 9:23 the cross meant only one thing: death. The cross was an instrument of execution. Jesus calls his followers to commitment unto death. And it is a daily commitment.

May you follow Jesus Christ. Given the difficulty of the first two aspects of the blessing, the third aspect is easy. Once we deny ourself, take up our cross, we can follow Jesus into an abundant life and life eternal.

Get started,

Pastor Jeff Gravens