We Belong

At FBC Crawford, not one woman needs to go it alone because WE BELONG: We belong to God, and we belong to each other.

In WE BELONG, small groups of women gather for two hours each month to share Christ-centered conversation and community, and of course, to laugh and cry with one another. It's not just socialization, it's sanctification. It's meaningful connection with other women who will pray for you, encourage you, and spur you on in your faith.

Our prayer is for every woman in our church to be connected to a WE BELONG community group. If you are ready to join a group or if you want more information, email Trae.

Monthly Conversation Cards

  • December 2022. I guess it's highly probably that what is on our mind as we race towards December 25th is giftsand I find it more than ironic that the “chore” of gift giving often makes us forget the Giver and the Gift and the very reason we celebrate Christmas. So this month, WeBelong will talk about just that.

  • November 2022. This month it's Thanksgiving... and we're thankful for WeBelong! We'll celebrate our gifts to each other and explore our opportunities for growth.

  • October 2022. It should be "Happy fall, y'all," but let's be honest: We've seen very few signs of her! She's supposed to have shorter days, brisk air, cooler temps, and colorful leaves, yet all we've seen are crickets. Sometimes it can feel a little like that with God. We know what the Bible tells us about who God is supposed to be, but sometimes it can be really hard to see it. This month we're talking about the attributes of God - what we're seeing and what we're struggling to see.

  • September 2022. A.W. Tozer identifies three enemies in our spiritual life: rote... spiritually bored; rut... spiritually stuck; and rot... spiritually dead. We all battle these enemies, so this month we're talking the about the change we're desiring and how to work out our salvation rather than work for our salvation.

  • August 2022. Whether you took a fabulous vacay or you had a stay-cay, I’m certain we’ve all been on at least one trip this summer… and maybe we went on it more than once: It’s the GUILT TRIP. Many of us earn frequent flier miles on this one! We take it most every time we fail to live up to whatever standards we’ve set for ourselves or whatever standards we’ve allowed others to impose on us, and certainly when we fail to measure up to God’s standards. We have momma guilt, daughter guilt, supposed-to-be-a-Christian guilt, friend guilt, and more. But no matter what kind it is, one thing is always true: Guilt gets in the way of relationship… especially our relationship with God. So, this month we’re talking about getting over guilt! It’s a timely topic no matter what time it is.

  • July 28, 2022. Let's flamingle! Click the link for all the details.

  • June 2022. This month we're talking about kissing. No need to say more. I know you're hooked.

  • May 2022. This month we're talking about our tired souls... how we got them and how we heal them. Why? Because like many women these days, we're all too often finding ourselves exhausted... sometimes physically or mentally, but more often times, emotionally and spiritually. We need some rest, and together I pray we'll find it.

  • April 2022. Some days I feel like I get it mostly right, but on far too many days I feel like an epic failure. I'm guessing I'm not alone because I googled "quotes about failure" and got 2.4 billion results. But rather than read some fancy words someone I don't know wrote, I'd rather have faith words from friends I love. This month we're talking failure. Who wants to go first?

  • March 2022. Unseen. I think almost all of us struggle with that feeling at times. No matter how jam-packed our schedules are or how many people sleep under our roof... no matter what age or season of life... no matter if we have faith or not. And to make matters worse: We're often determined not to let others see that we feel unseen. The mask - the facade - is so much easier, we think. But it's not! This month, we're leaning in and looking a little closer... at ourselves and at each other.

  • February 2022. Love is in the air... and it has absolutely nothing to do with Valentines Day. Why is it that we need one special day each year to tell others we love them when we have 365 days a year available? So why say love is in the air? Because it reminds us every breath we breath in… roughly 22,000 times a day... the very air that we take into our lungs… is God’s love for us. Do we take that love for granted? How do we love Him? How do we show that love to Him? And how does our love for Him impact our love for others? It's February, so this month we're talking love.

  • January 2022. "It seems so easy to just bump along from one busy week to another... from one year to the next... without ever really stopping to ponder where we're going, how we're getting there, and what we're accomplishing along the way. But if we don't pause to "Give careful thought to your ways," (Haggai 1:5), we will likely find ourselves at an end... wondering and wandering... and wanting... and saddened at our wasting. WeBelong seems like the perfect safe place to pause and ponder, so this month we're pausing to ponder the new year together!

Monthly Gathering Ideas

  • December 2022. Give the gift of presence! Make it a priority to be together - no matter what!

  • November 2022. How about a Friendsgiving celebration?

  • October 2022. How about carving or painting pumpkins together?

  • September 2022. How about a WeBelong tailgate in someone's driveway or the football field parking lot?

  • August 2022. It's hot. Whatever you do, I recommend inside!

  • July 28, 2022. Let's flamingle... summer splash style!

  • June 2022. KISS. If you're clueless, read my email.

  • May 2022. As we attempt to cross the finish line from school into summer, probably the only thing we can manage is just to show up. That is enough!

  • April 2022. Spring means it's time to gather outside! Pick someone's back patio or front porch. Head to the park with a picnic. Soak up some sunshine and some SONshine.

  • March 2022. See-food. Did you see what I did there? Grin! Seriously, just gather. Maybe this time in someone's home without all the distractions and noise.

  • February 2022. How about a souper bowl party? No pun intended.

  • January 2022. After all the holiday eating, we're likely thinking carrots and celery sticks, but they do not make for good conversation. Try chips and queso instead!