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Deep End

posted Sep 4, 2012, 1:55 PM by Jeff Gravens

In May of 2007 deep-sea explorers made a discovery, it turned out to be a valuable discovery.  They uncovered the richest shipwreck treasure in history, brining home 17 tons of colonial-era silver and gold coins.  The collection of coins is valued at USD 500 million.  The explorers were traveling down a path they had traveled many times over.  It turns out they had never been deep enough before.  The treasure was found in the depth.

In Luke 5:1-11 Jesus calls Peter into depth.

We often like things shallow.  Shallow is easy.  There is no fear of drowning in shallow water.  There is no work to stay afloat in shallow water.  It is easy and comfortable in shallow water.

Yet, Jesus calls us out of shallow water and into depth.  And like the news story of the discovery of the collection of coins, we find treasure in the depth.  We find treasure DESPITE OUR OBJECTIONS. 

Some of us, like Peter, make excuses in attempt to stay in the shallow water.

We might say: This God thing ain’t working’.  Jesus replies: Go out a little deeper.

We might say: This church thing ain’t cuttin' it.  Jesus replies:  Go out a little deeper.

We might say:  This faith thing ain’t gettin’ results. Jesus replies:  Go out a little deeper.

Because Jesus knows we find treasure in the depth.